CALENDERING from hoosier custom manufacturing

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. employs the following textile calender line equipment:

  • 45 degree 4-Roll Inclined "Z" Calender
    • Features:
      • Individual roll drive motors offer infinite friction ratios
      • Cross-Axis control systems (rolls #1 and #4)
      • Automatic temperature control units for each roll
      • Hydraulic roll bending
      • Nuclear mass measuring and automatic gauge control system, recently upgraded
      • Fully equipped operator control panel with automatic and manual mode capabilities
      • Let-off and wind-up accumulators provide uninterrupted production during raw and finished roll changes
      • Cooling drum tower provides stable control over material tack levels
      • Extrusion feed system - Capable of running the toughest of stocks
      • Automatic web centering and width control units
      • Pre-tension and post-tension control units
      • Fully integrated drive system, recently upgraded
      • Heavy-duty hydraulic splice press
      • Dual textile roll let-off stations
      • Dual finished material windup and liner let-off stations
      • Perforation capability
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